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Rent bikes

Rental bikes on Stevns

Rødvig Ferieby has joined forces with other actors on Stevns and has acquired 60 rental bikes that are distributed along the coast from Lund in the south to Strøby Ladeplads (Stevns Camping) in the north.

The bikes are also in Rødvig Ferieby. You can rent them here, cycle out along the cliff, leave them at one of the 14 “hubs” located around Stevns, and then walk back. Or vice versa. A very flexible scheme, also known in big cities.

The 14 hubs are: The Normanns in Lund, Rødvig Ferieby, Hotel Klinten, Rødvig Kro & Badehotel(Rødvig Station), Rødvig Harbour, Boesdal Limestone Quarry, Cold War Museum Stevnsfort, Traktørstedet Højeruplund, Stevns Lighthouse, Mandehoved, Traktørstedet Bøgeskoven, Bøgeskov Harbour, Store Heddinge Station, Stevns Camping.

You can get more information at our reception.