Experiences and Attractions

Rødvig Ferieby is the center of a wide range of exciting excursions.
Whether you’re into speed or more sedate adventures, Stevns and the surrounding area have a lot to offer.

Activities in the holiday village

Rødvig Ferieby offers plenty of pleasant experiences.
During the summer months, we offer outdoor fun with you.

The mini golf course is open from Easter to November. Price 20 DKK per person. Please contact the reception.

The petanque court is open all year round. Free – petanque balls can be picked up at reception.


The rabbits live here from Easter to November. They may be kissed and hugged with love.
Rødvig Ferieby I Ferie I B&B I Konference I Naturskønne omgivelser med skov, marker, kyst og klint i nærheden

Treat yourself to a trip to the resort’s hot tub. Open all year by appointment.


Rødvig Ferieby I Ferie I B&B I Konference I Naturskønne omgivelser med skov, marker, kyst og klint i nærheden

During the summer months, we offer outdoor fun with you.

Monday: Bonfire evening in the tepee area at 19.30. We light the fire, make bread and pancakes over the fire and enjoy each other’s company until darkness falls. Just show up; it doesn’t cost anything.

Wednesday: Barbecue in the tipi area at 18.30. Our grill master will prepare a delicious grill buffet for us, and we will finish with coffee/tea and homemade pastries. The price for adults is 169 DKK, children (7-11) 65 DKK, and children (2-6) 35 DKK. Drinks are available at reasonable prices – registration by Tuesday evening.

Friday: Smørrebrød evening in the small tepee at 18.30. We offer a selection of delicious Danish sandwiches and “children’s sandwiches” (smaller pieces). The price for adults is 110 DKK, children 50 DKK (2-10 years) Drinks are purchased at favorable prices. Tradition says beer and schnapps with smørrebrød – registration by Thursday evening.

Activities in the neighbourhood

There are plenty of exciting experiences in the area around Rødvig Ferieby.

Padel tennis

Want to sweat?

Rent a padel tennis court and challenge your friends or family to a match.

Rødvig Ferieby I Ferie I B&B I Konference I Naturskønne omgivelser med skov, marker, kyst og klint i nærheden

Parkour track

If you like challenging training and speed over the field, try the new parkour course at Sydstevnshallen in Rødvig.

Lots of fun challenges.

Rødvig Ferieby I Ferie I B&B I Konference I Naturskønne omgivelser med skov, marker, kyst og klint i nærheden

Rent a Donkey Bike and discover Stevns on two wheels.

All along Stevns Klint, you can find the orange Donkey Republic bikes. So you can easily plan your trip.

Rent a SUP board and discover Stevns from the water.

LimeLight offers SUP lessons, guided SUP tours, SUP yoga, team building, and fun on the water.

Stevnsbadet is the municipality’s swimming pool with several pools and a wellness area with an infrared sauna. The swimming pool is located in Store Heddinge.


Rødvig Ferieby is surrounded by beautiful nature, historical monuments, and exciting activities.

The limestone quarry is a popular destination. Go on a fossil hunt and discover magnificent nature – a piece of Danish history.

The lighthouse is beautifully situated on the edge of Stevns Klint. Get a spectacular view over fields and sea from 27 meters. 

Højerup Old Church is located on a 30 m high cliff. It was consecrated in 1357, but the sea undermined the cliff, and in 1928 the choir collapsed into the sea.

Beautiful hiking route. Experience the changing nature and the cozy local environment and enjoy the mountainous views of the Stevns coast.

The canoe trails in Rødvig start at the marina. From here the trails Bystien, Junglestien, Klintestien and Landskabsstien originate.

Fishing and sea

Rødvig offers plenty of water adventures.
Take a walk in the cozy Rødvig harbor, book a boat trip, discover Stevns from the water, or catch a fish.

Rødvig has nature and the coast for good leisure. Discover a unique area with many good fishing opportunities.

Discover the charming harbour town of Rødvig. Enjoy the atmosphere at the harbour and visit one of the harbour’s great eateries.


Spend your holiday at one of the exciting museums on Stevn

Stevns Klint Experience tells the story of the meteor impact that hit Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out half of life on the planet.

An exciting museum for both children and adults.

The Stevns Fort – with its 1.6 km of passages and niches located at a depth of 18 metres, carved out of the limestone layers of the cliff at Rødvig – is a fantastic monument to the Cold War, as it looked from the Danish defence lookout.

A fairy-tale museum on Stevns that tells exciting folk tales.

Learn about legends, myths and folk tales from Stevns in an exciting and interactive way.

Dive into the history of lime.

Discover the fantastic exhibition “Denmark’s fossil coral reefs”.

Go on a fossil hunt in Faxe Limestone Quarry and discover the exciting history of the quarry.

Denmark’s new experience centre for crafts and design.

Discover live glassblowers, 42,000 pieces of glass, 6,000 pieces of Kähler ceramics, world-class glass art and international special exhibitions.


If you want a fun holiday with lots of speed, there are great options nearby.

20,000m2 filled with mazes, games and brain twisters that challenge the sense of place, logic and humour!

Try your hand at climbing in Denmark’s largest climbing park. 11 lanes between the trees of the beautiful beech forest.

Visit the 45-metre-high Forest Tower in Gisselfeld Monastery Forest and enjoy a unique nature experience. See the forest in a whole new perspective.

Football golf on Zealand – Fun for the whole family. Denmark’s largest course with 18 holes.

Experience the animals up close in their natural environment. Meet the giants of the past in the dinosaur park.

Denmark’s largest amusement park for the whole family. Speed, fun, excitement and fun.

The world’s oldest amusement park in Dyrehaven. Everything from the wildest rides to cosy and child-friendly rides.

Experience the magic of the Old Garden in the heart of Copenhagen. Attractions, good food and entertainment.