Welcome to Rødvig Ferieby

The resort consists of 26 lovely cabins, which can fit 176 overnight guests. All the cabins are well equipped with a kitchen, bath, and toilet. Dogs are also welcome; ask for “Doghouse” when booking a cabin. There is free Wi-Fi at the resort.

Tipi with room for 40 people and tipi with room for 100 people. In the tipi, you sit on benches with real, soft animal fur. There is a fireplace in the middle of the tipi and cozy candles on all of the tables. You will have to keep the fire alive; there is firewood for free use. In the tipi area, you can also find a fireplace, light the fire and sit around with twisted bread and marshmallows, or simply just sit and stare into the flames; it provides new energy.

Let the children enjoy the playground with plenty of space to play on for children of all ages. Alternatively, take a game of mini-golf or petanque at our tracks.



A walk along the coast brings you to Stevns Klint, which is on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list. Along the coast, you can find fossils dating back to when an asteroid hit the Earth and dinosaurs became extinct.

For those who fancy a trip to Copenhagen, it is just an hour’s drive to the north, where you can easily manage to take a canal cruise, do some shopping, sightseeing and perhaps a enjoy the amusement park, Tivoli, which is located in the heart of Copenhagen, before heading back to Rødvig and enjoy a quick dip in the sea.

You can rent bicycles for the entire family. It is very easy to bicycle to the local shops in Rødvig and buy fresh potatoes, strawberries or other groceries, which you can then prepare in your well-equipped kitchen.

Attractions nearby


“Café the Witch’s Cauldron” is our outdoor café at the reception. You can buy coffee specialties, Belgian waffles and the cake of the day. Cold beers are served from the local brewery and cold pints and sodas are served as well

Rent a bicycle for one or more hours. Please contact the reception

You can order bread at the reception or you can join the Buffet (only July and August). You find the form to order bread at the reception.

Reception and gift store

In connection with the common room is the laundry room. Here are washing machines, tumble driers, ironing board and a freezer, which all residents can use.

In Rødvig Ferieby we offer free Wi-Fi in all of our houses