Practical Information Rødvig Ferieby

Bed linen

Bed linen + towel can be rented – 100 DKK per set. Order in the reception.

Bicycle rental

Bicycles are rented through the app: Donkey Republic. The bikes can be rented in one place and returned at a “Hub.”
The different Hubs can be seen on the app.
We have bike helmets for children — inquiries at the reception.

Bicycle shed

Next to Skovhuset is the bicycle shed; if you have come by bike, you are welcome to use it. The key is issued at reception.

Here you will find various items, e.g., gear to repair your bike if an accident occurs.


You can order breakfast in the reception for pickup the next day or sign up for the breakfast buffet. (Breakfast buffet only through June to August, or by arrangement).
The bread order form can be found in the reception. Choose from various rolls, bread, pastries, and dairy products.

Orders should be placed a day in advance

Café Heksekedlen

Visit our small Café Heksekedlen. You will find it outside the reception. Opening hours follow the
reception hours

Check-in and check-out

You can check in after 15.00, and check-out must be done before 10.00 on the day of departure.


All of our houses have mandatory final cleaning.

Children’s equipment

Cot and high chair can be rented – 15 DKK per day.
A baby bathtub can be borrowed.
A bed rail can be borrowed.


In Rødvig Ferieby, we have a defibrillator sitting at the reception. Available 24 hours a day.

Restaurants/food experiences

There are several good local eating places in the area. Here are our favorites:

Walk along the water to Rødvig Harbor, where you will find:

Klintens Sandwichproviant, Havnepladsen 2 – Offers café atmosphere, Sandwiches, and Tapas.
Coffee, cake, and ice cream – Open April-September

Harmonien, Rødvig Hovedgade 2 – Offers family restaurant with a la carte menu – Open all year

Marina, Havnepladsen 3 – Offers pizza and a few dishes – Open all year

Rødvig Fiskebutik, Havnepladsen 12, Rødvig – Offers a few fish dishes and the sale of fresh fish. Open
April – September

Rødvig Kro og Badehotel, Østersøvej 8 – Offers delicious a la carte menu – Open all year

Start the car and take a trip:

Café Algade, Algade 5, St. Heddinge – Offers a cozy and intimate atmosphere with a delicious a la
carte menu. Open all year.

Café Bliss, Algade 27, St. Heddinge – Offers a cozy café atmosphere with café food, coffee, and cake. Open all year.

Pizzahouse, Algade 26, St. Heddinge – Pizza joint. Open all year.

Mad og Ro, Fyrvej 2, Højerup, St. Heddinge – Offers restaurant in a beautiful natural setting connected with Stevns Lighthouse. Open all year.

Traktørstedet Højeruplund, Højerup Bygade 39, Højerup – Tilbyder i restaurant med fin gammeldags og autentisk atmosfære i naturskønne omgivelser. Åbent hele året.

Skovfogedstedet Vemmetofte, Ny Strandskov 4, 4640 Faxe – Offers a delicious a la carte menu in a beautiful natural setting with a fantastic view. Open April – September

Emergency phone numbers

Emergency: 112
On-call doctor: 1818
Køge Police, 24-hour duty: 114

Experiences in the local area

See options under Destination South Zealand, Stevns, and Møn.

You can also download local app for the phone with content from the hole area  of Stevns, South Zealand and Møn


Not allowed. 

Hot Tub

Treat yourself to our hot tub. Open year-round. During the low season, we offer stays, including access to the wilderness hot tub.

Our hot tub is tucked away in a secluded corner of the vacation resort, with views of the fields and the opportunity to enjoy the sunset. Here you can relax and enjoy each other’s company, or invite the whole family for a cozy afternoon or evening together. Our wilderness hot tub should ideally be booked the day before. It can accommodate up to 6 people.

After an active day of hiking, cycling, or swinging in a hammock, it is recommended. 
Price 500 DKK. More information and booking can be made at the reception.


Free access in all houses. Wireless internet throughout the vacation resort.


If you need an extra key for the house – make inquiries at the reception.
A lost key costs 350 DKK.

Laundry room

Located near the party room is a laundry room with washing machines, a dryer, an ironing board, and a freezer, all available for use.
The closet contains various cleaning supplies. The key to your house will also unlock the laundry room.
Washing costs 2 x 10 DKK (remember to bring soap + optional fabric softener).
The dryer costs 1 x 10 DKK.
Iron and ironing boards can be used for free.
A shared freezer can be used for free.
A shared vacuum cleaner is available for use in houses 1-16.


”12 holes” minigolf – is a continuation of the playground. Here is the perfect opportunity to challenge friends and family in a friendly golf tilt.

The price is 20 DKK per person.
A 10-round ticket can be purchased for 150 DKK.
Inquiries at the reception for a game of mini golf.
Open April-October

Party room

The party room can be booked for courses, conferences, and family parties. Only your imagination limits what the room can be used for.


New petanque court with international dimensions.
It must be tried – everyone can participate. The court is located behind houses 9 and 10.
Use of the court is free, and petanque balls can be borrowed at the reception.


The playground offers both fun and different challenges for children and adults. We have focused on sustainable, natural materials.

The rabbits live next to the playground. Children accompanied by an adult can visit them, but when the sign “Goodnight, we are sleeping” is up, seeing times are over for the day.


The reception is in the vacation center, and key issuance occurs here. You can buy ice cream, candy, souvenirs, and “the taste of Stevns,” which are specialties from local food producers. In addition, you can order breakfast rolls, rent bikes, rent mini golf, and buy charcoal for the grill. Opening hours vary – see the reception.

Shopping options

Dagli’Brugsen in Rødvig
Superbrugsen, Netto, and Meny can be found in Store Heddinge.


All our houses are smoke-free—violation results in a cleaning surcharge of 1,000 DKK. 
Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas.

Tipi area

The cozy tipi area at the vacation resort is a welcoming place for everyone. One tipi can accommodate 40 people, while the other seats up to 100 people. Inside the tipi, you’ll sit on warm animal fur at tables and benches, surrounded by the warmth of the fireplace and flickering candlelight. If you feel like lighting a fire, you’re welcome to do so in the tipi or outside on the fire pit; make sure an adult is present. You can bring your firewood or purchase some at the reception for a small fee. When it’s time to put out the fire, let it burn down rather than
dousing it with water.

At the fire pit, you can make hot dogs and marshmallows.
Cook dinner on the grill.
A grill has been set up for free use.
Please clean the grill grates after use.
Please take care of the beautiful area and return the tipi and area clean and orderly.
Tipis can be booked for courses/conferences / corporate events/family parties, etc.


You can dispose of household waste at our container site opposite house 4. It must be sorted into different fractions. If you need to know which faction it belongs to, you can just empty it into the mixed waste.

Please help us keep the vacation resort clean and tidy. 


The water from the tap is safe to drink.