Fall offer

In the fall hollidays we have set up a plenty of activities for both children and grandparents – parents are welcome too. We offer a mini vacation for 3 days, you only pay for 2. If you choose to book more than 3 days, you will still get one day for free. Alle og our acitivities are for free, when you stay in the holiday resort. (expect our October fest). Book online on our website – choose Fall Offers


Every Monday morning(Week 27-33) there is the opportunity to do yoga in the holiday resort from 9.30 to 10.45. If the weather allows it, we will do it outside. We got the yoga mats, you just need to bring a towel. The price is 60 DKK per session.

Merete from Meera Yoga is the instructor and says the following:

“Morning yoga in Rødvig Holiday resort is a tender experience, that provides time to stress relief contemplation. In the yoga class, you’ll be guided through small flows and different affable tractions. We wish to create mobility in the body. Both newcomers and experienced can join.”