Activities for companies

History features:

- Stevnsfort Cold War Museum. The museum is open for guided tours for the public - a unique experience. With its 1,6 km hallways and a depth of 18 meters cut into Stevns Cliff it is a fantastic monument from the Cold War. See a military base from a Danish point of view. Teambuilding exercises are also possible here.

- Stevns Cliff. 18 km long, steep with a height up to 41 meters. From the top of the cliff you will have a spectacular view over Oresund. Take a walk along the cliff on a patch about 20 km long, which connects the highlights from Rødvig in the south to “Bøgeskoven” in the north. Or order a guided tour and get lecture on the rare fish clay that stores the stories of the dinosaurs and how they went extinct 65 million years ago.

Active tours:

- Do you prefer speed and water then check out ‘Stevns Havsport’. In their rib boat exciting possibilities lies ahead such as waterskiing, rings etc.

- Texas ranch offers exciting activities with a western theme.

We also cooperate with teambuilding companies that create different themes in Rødvig Ferieby.

- Personnel development by Cronquist

- Culinary teambuilding in cooperation with a local chef

- Challenge each other in a game of mini golf or petanque in Rødvig Ferieby

Call us for more information. We have plenty of opportunities to make you a good program