Fishing at Stevns

Recreational fishing

Do you love fishing, or would you simply just like to go fishing a day, then Stevns is the place. Stevns is known for its good sea trout fishing experience all year round. The local fishermen recommend ‘Bøgeskoven’ up north, Holtug- and Boesdal limestone quarry, Højerup and the little fishing village Lund, south of Rødvig. These are some of the good fishing places on the coast. Furthermore does ‘Tryggevælde Ådal’ provide a good alternative to coastal fishing.

Trolling is also possible at Stevns. Rødvig docks have two ramps, where the boats can be dropped off into the water by a trailer.

To be able to fish, a fishing license is required. A single day costs DKK 40 pr. person. A week for DKK 130, and a year for DKK 185. The license can be bought at


If your hobby is diving, a big adventure awaits you. Stevns offers an amazing diving experience on white chalk bottoms, as well as diving at many exciting reefs. If you wish to learn more visit Gitte at, who arranges diving trips along the cliff. Alternatively, visit, they are specialized in wreckage diving.